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05:37 October 16 CET
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Traffic Generation Date: - Wed Sep 1st
Get Paid to send Traffic to your Site!

If I could show you a way to get targeted traffic to your site free then you would probably jump at the chance, wouldn't you..

Well, Traffic generation is the key to making a living online and I'm starting to 'see the light' so to speak..

You see, a LOT of people on the internet are trying to get something for nothing, they want to start a program, build a website and make money without investment. They want to press a button and see a paycheck at the end of the month for doing absolutely no work whatsoever..

Let me tell you now,


Yes, maybe a handful of people have been in the right place at the right time and got lucky. But if you are trying to emulate these people then you will be searching for a very, very, very long time..

Ok, still with me.. good, you have to really go back to basics with Internet Marketing to realise the power of the web and how you can join the small (but ever growing) percentage of people that are earning a good online income..

Internet Marketing boils down to a simple formula:

Techniques to get a web visitor to produce a desired call to action on a web site

The call to action could be to..

Buy a product or service on your site.

Buy a product through an affiliate link.

Opt-In to a mailing list where you can promote to in the future.

Now this list can be added to but the basic theory is that you want to generate an income from your visitors. How you do this is up to you, but let me tell you now how I get Free targeted traffic..

Maybe Free is the wrong word for this traffic.. it should really be called Zero Net Cost Traffic because all I do is pay for PPC keywords that are low cost that are related to the site.. Some of this traffic will click on my adsense ads producing an income in the background.

As your site gets noticed and traffic from other sources boosts your adsense earnings - use this additional income to find more keywords and open up other PPC accounts..and repeat.

What I'm trying to say is use your Adsense Income to boost your traffic - Use the income to fuel your ad costs - USE every penny you get from adsense to boost your ad spend the following month.

PS - I have used these techniques to boost the rankings of this site to a respectable Alexa ranking and as my adsense income increases, so will the number of ads and so will my revenue. You have to keep working at it though to keep the snowball effect going but the results are worth it.

Thanks for listening

John Sikora

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John Sikora is the Owner of - The Site that compares Internet Marketers based on their popularity on the web.


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