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04:24 October 16 CET
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Zabang Promotional Ad Date: - Fri Sep 24th
Zabang - The New Google?

Note: Zabang promotional e-mail

Subject: What if you coulda had a piece of Google?

Move over Google! Look out Yahoo!...

ZABANG? is coming to town!

Have you ever "just missed" one of those *big* opportunities that you *knew* could've been BIG for you... if you'd just *acted*?

I'll tell you what... I sure have. And if you're like me at all, when you sit back and think about that lost opportunity, you know it doesn't feel very good, does it?

Become an Affiliate Free..

Well here's what I've got. Something just came across my desk that I truly believe will be the NEXT BIG THING, and I simply could not wait one moment to get this in your hands.

So HOW big? I'm talking "Amazon" big. I'm talking "AOL" big... I'm talking "buying 50,000 shares at Microsoft's IPO" big. :-)

One of the internet's best minds

You know who Mike Glaspie is right? He's the guy who founded and runs sites like,,,,,,, and several other sites, all of which are easily within the top 1% of all sites visited online.

Well, I'm in what I'd guess you'd call his "inner circle"... he lets me and a just handful of other folks know about certain opportunities he's involved in or has heard about, before anyone else, so we can get the "jump" on the marketplace.

And as I read about his latest project, I got so excited, I had to stop everything cold, and get this out to you. There simply is not a moment to spare.

It seems that for the past several months, Mike G has been working quietly on a new project. This project is going to have every marketer on the planet clamoring for a piece. (And btw, YOU are literally one of the very first to hear about this, so if you want a piece, it is YOURS for the taking!)

So here it is, here is what Mike is working on that is so monstrously big... Mike is putting the final touches on a series of sites that are going to revolutionize the search engine business. The cornerstone site of this project is a "tier 1" search engine called, and it's ultimate goal is nothing less than to topple Google itself from the search-engine throne... and you know what? I fully believe it's going to do it. I just don't see any way it can't!

The technology is already in place. Everything is thought out and all the pieces put together. And soon, Mike G is going to launch this to the world. But before he does, YOU have the chance to get in on this NOW! I don't know what could be a more "ground floor" opportunity than this.

A brand new approach to search engines

Now search engines have been done, but they all have one big problem for people like you and me... they don't provide any incentive to the marketer. For example, if you tell someone to go look something up on Google, who benefits from that? Why, Google does! Google gets the traffic, the viewer sees their ads that their advertisers pay them for, and so on. What do you get? Squat!

Mike has changed all of that. Zabang is built from the net marketer up, instead of from the "computer techs" down. (And yet, search results are blazingly fast... AND relevant.) See, Mike knows how to penetrate a market fast and big... reward others BIG TIME for doing it for you! Through (the site that manages the Zabang affiliate program), you'll get a FULL TEN PERCENT commission on every pay-per-click or sponsor purchase made by those you refer... for the LIFE of the customer. Yes, that's right, I said the entire life of that customer.

Refer someone just once (using banners, links, or the Zabang search bar on your site) and you could easily be paid over and over again for years!

But it doesn't stop there... you see, ZabangSolutions offers a two-tier affiliate program. (Now this isn't M?L?M or network marketing, it's just two tiers.) This means that whenever you refer someone to Zabang and that person then becomes an affiliate like you, anyone THEY refer goes under you also, and you'll both get commissions from that customer... the affiliate you refered gets 10%, and you get a 5% override commission! Again, for the life of the customer!

But not "just" a search engine!

You know, I almost forgot to mention one of the best parts. (This is why I love Mike G, he is truly an unparalleled marketing genius!) Mike is also creating a companion site to Zabang called ZabangMail. will offer 100% spam-free, free email accounts, the best this state of the art technology has to offer to-date. And they don't use filters. They have their own proprietary technology for eliminating spam from your in-box. Users of will never have to worry that mail they want to receive will be filtered just because it contains words or phrases that couldn't pass through. And because is their own ISP they give guaranteed whitelisting to all publishers.

Now remember (and this is important), is a companion to Each one will promote the other. ZabangMail users will have a tag message at the bottom of their email just like Hotmail, just like Yahoo, etc. But this one will give a brief blurb about searching, but with a twist... are you ready? The URL in the tag message at the bottom of all user's email will also be (if elected) the affiliate's link for! Think about it... get just a few people to sign up for ZabangMail, and every single email they send out will have YOUR affiliate link in it! We're talking major cross promotion, and hyper viral marketing. It truly is going to be huge.

So drop what you are doing right now and get pre-registered for the two-level affiliate program. At the very least, you get guaranteed "indexing" (i.e. listed in the search results at as an affiliate (which is a HUGE benefit). Then, you'll be emailed an invitational letter with your link dropped in so you can send it along to your closest contacts. They'll keep accurate track of your referals and when Zabang? launches, you will have complete stats of all your referals and commissions earned.


I wanted to save the best for last. :)

Zabang? is offering a contest going on RIGHT NOW for those with some "artistic ability". They're looking for a Zabang? LOGO... you know, that perfect logo that captures the vision and spirit of the "for the net, by the net" suite of sites they are putting together.

Now, Mike G could easily hire a design team to come up with an outstanding logo in a matter of hours and for a fraction of the cost of the prizes he is giving away. But in keeping with his philosophy, he thought it only fitting to offer everyone with any creative and artistic talent the opportunity to win, and win big.

The winner will get... are you ready? $10,000.00 worth of pay-per-click advertising at the new site!

Three runners-up will receive $1000 in advertising each, and five third-place finishers will each receive $500 in advertising!

All entries must be submitted by October 15, 2004. Then, an administrative panel will examine all of them and select a winner.

The logo should be designed to fit in a 400x72 pixel frame and needs to include the Zabang slogan: "Fast, Relevant, & People Love it." All submissions must be sent to with the following subject line: "Zabang Logo Submission for Entry". By making your submission you agree that you will release any claim to copyright. The name Zabang is trademarked and owned by Zabang, Inc.

If graphic design isn't your thing, please feel free to pass this along to someone else who might be interested. But whatever you do, make sure to get in the affiliate program immediately!

Note: Google and Yahoo are Registered Trademarks and are not affiliated with, Inc. and it's related companies.

This Is a Promotional Article from


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