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20:44 October 24 CET
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Latest Internet Marketing News

Yanik Silver Releases some Underground 6 nuggets
Posted: Fri Jun 18 13:50

Bizarre New Video from Mark Joyner.
Posted: Fri Dec 4 13:55

Alex Mandossian Launches The BIG Call
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New FTC Rules For 1st December - Interview with FTC
Posted: Wed Nov 25 13:15

John Reese - Internet Marketing 2010 - The Road Ahead
Posted: Tue Oct 13 14:00

Yanik Silver - Underground Online Seminar 5
Posted: Wed Sep 16 15:23

Business Coaching with Mark Joyners Simpleology
Posted: Wed Jul 22 15:38

One Time Only Copywriting Call
Posted: Mon May 11 12:53

Copywriting Resource - Do you Market To Women?
Posted: Fri May 8 11:16

Jimmy Brown's new Blog
Posted: Mon Apr 20 17:28

Latest Personal Development News

Frankl And The Search For Meaning
Posted: Thu Jan 10 17:57

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Winners Last 24 Hours

Updated 01:00 C.E.T.
GuruPrice- Gain -Percent
Michael Green$33.270.531.58%
John Reese$31.660.351.11%
Gary Bencivenga$
Lynn Terry$27.660.250.92%
Dr Mani$25.460.200.80%
Terry Dean$23.900.140.60%
Derek Gehl$47.590.260.55%
Allan Gardyne$66.280.350.53%
Kevin Wilke - Matt Gill$33.380.170.50%
Jeff Mulligan$14.650.060.42%
Paul Colligan$20.700.080.37%
Carl Galletti$19.720.070.35%
Armand Morin$
Jim Edwards$
Alex Carroll$21.910.050.23%
Rosalind Gardner$29.430.050.17%
Alex Mandossian$
Marc Goldman$40.890.060.16%
Jay Abraham$53.840.080.15%
Jim F Straw$33.380.040.11%
Mark Hendricks$40.560.040.09%
Alan Forest Smith$21.520.010.03%
Brett McFall$42.640.010.01%
Harvey Segal$45.560.010.01%

Losers Last 24 Hours

Updated 01:00 C.E.T.
Dr Ralph Wilson$64.98-1.12-1.72%
Ken Evoy$87.08-1.42-1.63%
Charlie Page$54.11-0.87-1.60%
Willie Crawford$39.45-0.47-1.18%
Jimmy D Brown$15.31-0.16-1.01%
Bill Stoller$42.20-0.43-1.01%
Joe Vitale$50.32-0.43-0.85%
Charlie Cook$33.73-0.28-0.83%
Michel Fortin$41.26-0.33-0.80%
Yanik Silver$34.84-0.23-0.66%
Dr Kevin Nunley$27.66-0.18-0.65%
Neil Shearing$30.60-0.20-0.65%
Mark Joyner$9.58-0.05-0.55%
Lorrie Morgan Ferrero$19.79-0.10-0.51%
Seth Godin$51.09-0.24-0.48%
Michael Cheney$35.96-0.16-0.46%
Bryan Winters$15.98-0.07-0.43%
Alexandria Brown$51.21-0.21-0.42%
Rich Schefren$58.53-0.22-0.37%
Phil Wiley$14.65-0.04-0.28%
Mark Ling$60.95-0.16-0.26%
Kirt Christensen$12.07-0.03-0.26%
Jonathan Mizel$25.45-0.06-0.25%
Mike Merz$44.63-0.10-0.22%
John Carlton$41.01-0.08-0.18%
Ted Nicholas$33.02-0.06-0.18%
Dan Kennedy$62.70-0.11-0.17%
Gary Halbert$48.55-0.07-0.15%
David Vallieres$21.11-0.03-0.13%
Marlon Sanders$40.40-0.05-0.12%
Jim Daniels$49.72-0.04-0.08%
Brad Fallon$25.98-0.02-0.07%
Perry Marshall$58.82-0.01-0.02%
Ken McCarthy$30.95-0.00-0.01%


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